Sunday, 15th November 2009

63.1 miles, total climb 4,071.3ft, average speed 14.8mph

“Lucia’s Famous Lobster Ride”

An inviting email was sent from Lucia promising stunning views of quaint Long Island towns along with a flat ride, which was appealing to us as we’ve done a fair amount of hills this year, so why not relax and enjoy the views for a change?  We settled on the Sunday after initially flirting with Saturday because promised a rain free day.

Yeah, right.

Hills.  Rain.  How did this happen?

Still, I’m not going to complain because it really was a tremendous day, shared by friends who have all enjoyed a full season of bike riding so the odd hill and a bit of rain is nothing to us.

The route was superbly put together by Lucia and it was refreshing to ride with someone who realised a wrong turn after mere metres, rather than miles (sorry Al, had to put that in).

Upon arriving at Port Jefferson we tucked into a variety of fresh seafood washed down by a couple of jugs of delicious tasting Brooklyn Lager.  We hopped on the train back to the city, all delighted with another wonderful day of riding.

Nice to ride with Jon again, for the first time in a year and always a pleasure, or course, to share the road with Alan, Vero and today’s boss Lucia.

No Hills, No Rain, Yeah right!