Sunday, 23rd August 2009

57.79 miles, total climb 2,099.7ft, average speed 14.8mph

After getting drenched the day before and the forecast predicting yet more rain, I have to admit that when the alarm went off at 7.30am I was less then enthused about jumping out of bed and meeting my comrades at Penn Station.  But as the train made it’s way through central Long Island to our start (and finish) in Ronkonkoma and the ever positive Cathline convinced the weather man had got it wrong I started to look forward to what turned out to be a lovely ride.

This ride was a lot flatter than the one’s that Neile is usually known for leading but it was a good group of peeps and a gorgeous route that we all enjoyed.  Shout out’s once again to Neile for the superb job in scouting the ride and to Neile & Michael for leading.

Oh, and Cathline was right.  The weather man did get it wrong.

New York Cycle Club, SPF Ride #14