Sunday, 16th August 2009

60.87 miles, total climb 4,471.8ft, average speed 12.2mph

The name of this ride was “Ned’s Mountain” and it was pointed out on the ride listing that when the road names go from ‘hill’ to ‘mountain’ you know you’re in for it.  In fact, looking at the cue sheet, literally 90% of the road names did end in ‘hill’ or ‘mountain’.  Gulp.


“If you need water, get it now” said ride leader Neile as we were about to start, before adding “as there are no shops till lunch”.  “How long til lunch” asked I.  “31 miles, 31 long desperate, terrible miles” was the answer.  Gulp (again).

And so it was, I’ve done longer, I’ve climbed more, but this was pretty steep all the way round and a real challenge, you know, what with the heat and everything.

New York Cycle Club, SPF Ride #12