“Against All Odds”


Saturday, 29th August, 2009

142.53 miles, total climb 2,407.5ft, average speed 16mph

This was the second time I’ve completed the ‘Ride To Montauk’ and I’m pleased that I cut an hour and a half off last years time, particularly with the dreadful weather conditions.

Let’s just say that next time the weather report talks of a 100% chance of heavy rain and wind, I’m bailing on the ride.  Not much fun when you can’t see in front of you because of too much rain on yer glasses!

Three Brits (Alan, Andy & me) and two yanks (Kim & Abraham) started the ride together and we picked up and lost again various people along the way.

Between our merry little group we had six flats and one blow out and one almighty collision which saw the ride end seventeen miles from the end for Kim and new pal Sascha.

The Blue Point Toasted Ale tasted particularly fine at the end of the ride and even the almost four hour journey back to NYC and the very long wait for the bikes on rainy Tenth Avenue didn’t really dent our moods.  Much. 

The day also saw Manchester United beat Arsenal in the Premiership, the Warrington Wolves beat the Huddersfield Giants in the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley and the New York Knights beat the Jackonsville Axemen in the American National Rugby League Grand Final.  So all in all, a good day.

Not may scenic pics this time ride as the weather was too bad to keep taking the camera out of the waterproof bag!!

Until next year...