Saturday, 26th September 2009

100.79 miles, total climb 6,166.4ft, average speed 14.9mph

My love for the club and pride at being a member of the New York Cycle Club is well documented and it’s their organisation of days like this which are a big part of why.

I’ve done a number of organised rides and by far and out, this is the best one.  The best route marking, the best rest stops and the best party at the end.  Not to mention the sheer beauty of the ride.

All credit to Ellen Jaffe, the Escape New York Chair for the hard work that her and her team commit so that people like me can enjoy this day.  Thank you so much!!

Andy, Alan and myself set off nice and early from Sakura Park at 122nd Street & Riverside in Manhattan with new pal Mauricio in tow with spirits and energy high for the hundred miles and vast amount of climbing before us.  I think we’d all agree that this was a hugely challenging ride but extremely rewarding, certainly the toughest ride I think I’ve done and I’m proud of the pace and intensity that we managed to maintain throughout the day which saw us finish strong.

Nice to eat the lovely sandwiches at the end at the party back in Sakura Park and see all our cycling buds and bluntly, I can’t wait to do this ride again next year.

Lastly, big shout out to my friends that volunteered while I enjoyed the ride, that’s you Deb, Lisa, Valli, Cathline, Lucia, Abraham, Katie, Linda, Cystiina and not to mention the members of the board who’ve all been so good to me.  Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!

Right, it’s off to bed for me.  Good night!


New York Cycle Club - Escape New York ’09