Sunday, 29th August 2010

34.88 miles, total climb 2,507ft, average speed 12.8mph

There are days you wake up and think to yourself that it’s just too hot to ride a bike.  Add to that the hills that our pal Neile likes to throw into rides and you think, yeah, too hot.  But you’re keen for the exercise and keen for the crack so you don’t object too much when the alarm goes off way too early for a Sunday and off you go.

Thirty five miles later, with thirty five miles yet to go I was questioning the wisdom of that decision.  So when Kimberly mentioned that she was thinking of knocking it on the head due to having just completed a crazy work week that sounded like an even better idea than the original one of hauling my arse out of bed.

But what a 35 miles it was.  Expertly scouted once again by the boy Neile, how does he do it?  This ride really was staggeringly beautiful.  The highlight for me being the loop around the lake in Tuxedo NY, just wonderful.

I’d love to do this ride again, and the balance 35 miles when it cools down a bit, actually, when it cools down a lot.  seventy degrees would be nice for this one.

I think I’ll keep hold of the cue sheet.

(Half an) SPF.  Number 15 - Neelytown.