Saturday, 22nd May 2010

84.4 miles, total climb 4,633ft, average speed 15.3mph

Today I proved that I have the skills and the ability to be considered an A-Rider.

I started the New York Cycle Club A-19 SIG back in March somewhat worried at the distances, the hills and the speed that awaited me and I end it knowing that I had nothing to worry about.

So now I’ve done the C-Sig, the B-Sig and the A-Sig and I feel proud and hugely grateful to the leaders that give up their time and knowledge to make us participants better riders.

I have to make particular mention of Alan who helped me nail my old problem of cadence, or the lack of it and to George who helped my climbing no end by teaching me how to more effectively use my gears.  Cheers fellas, I really appreciate it.

I’ve met some great people during the course of this SIG and I hope I get to ride with everyone this summer.

Next year I’m hoping to lead, probably a B-Sig, so my focus now is to build on the strength that I’ve earned and the skills that I’ve learned and take them through the year to next spring.

And in the meantime... see you on the road.


A-19 Sig - The Graduation